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watch out don't inhale that chemical is very poisonous!
a) concentration b) individual susceptibility c) synthetic d) toxic chemical
No! You don't go looking for that in nature. It is only made by human hands
a) toxic chemical b) synthetic c) carcinogen d) teratogen
Be sure to only take the required amount of your medicine
a) teratogen b) individual susceptibility c) dose d) risk
Why must children take a smaller dose of tylenol when they have a headache?
a) concentration b) dose c) toxic chemical d) individual exposure
The poison of some chemicals is stronger than that of others
a) concentration b) dose c) potency d) individual exposure
There is a 30% chance that your drinking of soda will give you diabetes
a) toxic chemical b) risk c) teratogen d) carcinogen
We were exposed to the same chemical. She got cancer, I didn't how come?
a) individual susceptibility b) toxic chemical c) carcinogen d) teratogen
I'm very concerned for you because you were exposed to the chemicals longer.
a) potency b) individual susceptibility c) individual exposure d) concentration
drink alcohol while pregnant and your child may be born with defects
a) carcinogen b) teratogen c) individual exposure d) individual susceptibility
Tobacco contains chemicals that are known to cause lung cancer
a) teratogen b) toxic chemical c) carcinogen d) individual exposure
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