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The storage area for water, food and wastes. (Larger in plant cells.)
a) nucleus b) vacuole c) cytoplasm d) chloroplasts
The "skin" that controls what goes in and out of a cell.
a) cell membrane b) chromosomes c) cytoplasm d) cell wall
These are like the "recipes" or instructions for how to make any part of the organism.
a) chloroplasts b) mitochondria c) cytoplasm d) chromosomes
This is where photosynthesis happens in a cell. (Plants cells only!)
a) mitochondria b) chloroplasts c) cytoplasm d) chromosomes
This is like a container that holds all the information for a cell. (like the "brain" of cell)
a) mitochondria b) vacuole c) nucleus d) cell membrane
This is the jelly-like fluid that holds all of the internal organelles in place.
a) chloroplasts b) cytoplasm c) cell membrane d) chromosomes
This is where sugar is turned into energy.
a) mitochondria b) cell membrane c) nucleus d) chloroplasts
This is a nonliving, box-like, outer protection - found only in plant cells.
a) cytoplasm b) cell membrane c) vacuole d) cell wall
This is the general name for ALL of the internal cell parts.
a) organettes b) mini-organs c) organelles d) microrganettes
What 2 organelles are only found in plant cells?
a) chloroplasts and cell wall b) chromosomes and mitochondria c) vacuoles and chloroplasts d) chloroplasts and mitochondria
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