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Every two to seven years, the cold current in the Pacific Ocean sinks, and this weather condition occurs.
a) land breeze b) El Nino c) La Nina d) Polar Express
This consists of gases around and above Earth.
a) atmosphere b) lava c) meteors d) tectonic plates
When the cold current in the Pacific Ocean rises, this condition causes dryer weather in South America.
a) El Nino b) sea breeze c) La Nina d) land breeze
A measure of the amount of energy released from an earthquake.
a) monstrosity b) magnitude c) Mercalli d) absolute age
A scientist who studies the structure and history of Earth.
a) Botanist b) Meteorologist c) Geologist d) Spongebobigist
A crack in Earth’s crust.
a) fault b) bend c) sprain d) hot spot
An opening in Earth’s crust out of which magma flows
a) hot spot b) fissure c) lava d) vent
The sudden movement of Earth’s crust.
a) volcano b) tsunami c) burp d) earthquake
A material that comes up through Earth’s surface and hardens.
a) magma b) lava c) sediment d) marshmallow cream
An unmoving pool of magma below Earth’s crust.
a) sediment b) cold spot c) hot spot d) red spot
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