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I said that atoms do not exist. Instead matter is made up of earth, air, fire, and water.
a) Aristotle b) Democritus c) Rutherford d) Bohr
I said that matter was made of small particles called "atomos".
a) Aristotle b) Thompson c) Democritus d) Rutherford
2000 years after the Greeks, I re-established the idea of atoms after I tested how elements form compounds.
a) Rutherford b) Dalton c) Thompson d) Bohr
I discovered the electron after doing experiments with cathode ray tubes.
a) Dalton b) Rutherford c) Thompson d) Bohr
I shot positive particles at gold atoms, and disovered that all of the positive charges were clumped together in a nucleus.
a) Dalton b) Thompson c) Bohr d) Rutherford
I discovered that electrons have different energy levels.
a) Bohr b) Rutherford c) Thompson d) Dalton
My atom model looks like a sphere.
a) Bohr b) Rutherford c) Dalton d) Thompson
My atomic model has electrons and protons mixed together and looks like chocolate chip ice cream.
a) Thompson b) Rutherford c) Dalton d) Bohr
My atomic model has the positive particles in the nucleus with electrons moving around it.
a) Dalton b) Bohr c) Lewis d) Rutherford
My atomic model has the electrons orbiting around the nucleus in different energy levels.
a) Dalton b) Bohr c) Rutherford d) Thompson
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