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This gives us a supply of fresh water.
a) Atmosphere b) Water Cycle c) Nitrogen Cycle d) Lithosphere
The land area that water comes from.
a) Water Cycle b) Water Chair c) Water Table d) Watershed
Water breaks down salt and dissolves it because it is a ?
a) Wet b) An Acid c) A Base d) A Solvent
No dogs are let up the Cottonwood Canyons because?
a) Dogs Shed b) To keep the water clean c) The Mayor likes cats d) Canyons are for skiiers only.
Water in Salt Lake City comes mostly from?
a) The Great Salt Lake b) Pacific Ocean c) Reservoirs d) Pore Spaces
A layer of rock that lets water pass freely.
a) Aquifer b) Coral reef c) Mesospehere d) Crust
Process where water changes from liquid water to a gas.
a) Condensation b) Evaporation c) Precipitation d) Ground water
Process where water falls to the ground.
a) Evaporation b) Condensation c) Precipitation d) Recreation
This form of Precipitation is a solid.
a) Snow b) Hail c) Frozen rain d) All of the Above
Most of the earths water is found in?
a) Frozen Ice b) the Oceans c) Rivers and lakes d) Ground water
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