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The belief in more than one God is known as...
a) polytheism b) Catholicism c) Judaism d) monotheism
Pharaohs were...
a) scared of their slaves b) were the poor people c) fair to everyone d) believed to be part God
The term used to describe when King Menes brought upper and lower Egypt together is...
a) verification b) unification c) mummification d) segregation
What is the practice of preserving the dead called?
a) agriculture b) burying c) mummification d) irrigation
What was used to dry out dead bodies
a) oil b) natron c) nickel d) mud
What were canopic jars used for during mummification?
a) to preserve the heart b) to preserve a pet c) to store food d) to preserve the 4 organs
What is the name of the large stone structures that were houses for the dead?
a) pyramids b) papyrus c) amulets d) skyscrapers
What did Egyptians spend their life preparing for?
a) marriage b) the coming of the Gods c) the after-life d) the birth of their first son
What was the purpose of the little statues of people in the burial tomb?
a) toys to play with b) decoration for the tomb c) Gods to worship d) servants for the after-life
Where would slaves be on the social pyramid?
a) at the top b) on the bottom c) on the level with merchants d) on the level with unskilled workers
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