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one who constantly seeks others' approval
a) people pleaser b) enabler c) controller d) abuser
person who does not tell the truth
a) abuser b) liar c) controller d) enabler
possessive, domineering, jealous person
a) abuser b) enabler c) controller d) liar
one who supports the harmful behavior of others
a) distancer b) abuser c) controller d) enabler
emotionally unavailable person who pushes others away
a) distancer b) abuser c) controller d) people pleaser
choosing not to be sexually active. 100% effective in preventing pregnancy
a) STD b) abstinence c) resiliency d) psychosomatic
response of the body to daily living demands
a) work b) resiliency c) stress d) psychosomatic
physical illness or disorder caused or worsened by emotional states
a) psychosomatic b) stress c) abstinence d) intimacy
ability to adjust, recover, bounce back, and learn from hard times
a) psychosomatic b) stress c) resistance d) resiliency
unreliable person who does not keep his or her word
a) promise breaker b) abuser c) controller d) people pleaser
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