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What are the three main types of consumers?
a) decomposers, herbivores, and producers b) fungus, bacteria, and molds c) carnivals, omnivores, herbs d) herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores
What is the primary function of decompsers?
a) return moisture back into the soil b) return nutrients back into the soil c) hold the soil in place d) retain moisture in the soil
Choose the list of producers
a) grass, zeebras, and sunflowers b) insects, venus flytraps, spiders c) pine trees, lettuce, oranges d) bamboo, bumblebees, and bluejays
Choose the group of synonyms for the word conservation
a) wasting, destroying, losing b) serving, service, serve c) preserving, protecting, saving d) beneficial, neutral, detrimental
Where do producers get their energy?
a) soil b) sun c) plant food d) water
What does the food chain model?
a) the transfer of energy from one organism to another b) healthy vs. unhealthy food choices c) the transfer of what eats what d) the tranfer of energy from a producer to a decomposer
Plants give off what waste product? Animals give off what waste product?
a) carbon dioxide, oxygen b) water, soil c) carbon dioxide, water d) oxygen, carbon dioxide
Plants and animals depend on one another. What kind of symbiosis means that both organisms benefit from the relationship?
a) parasitism b) mutualism c) decomposition d) commensalism
What is an example of a conservation method?
a) taking an extra long shower b) making a habit of losing school papers c) throwing paper away in the trashcan d) turning off the water while you brush your teeth
Choose the correct descriptions for the following food chain: grass-grasshopper-lizard-hawk
a) producer-omnivore-decomposer-herbivore b) producer-herbivore-omnivore-carnivore c) carnivore-omnivore-herbivore-producer d) producer-decomposer-herbivore-consumer
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