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What was NOT a reason why the Americans won the American Revolution?
a) War was fought on their own land b) Americans used surprise attacks c) Better trained troops d) Received help from other nations
What were African Americans in the U.S. promised if they would fight with the British?
a) Money b) Land c) Freedom d) Guns
What was NOT an advantage for the colonists?
a) Hessian troops did not fight hard b) George Washington was the leader of the army c) Fought on their own land d) Had world's strongest navy
In 1780 the Patriots suffered their worst defeat of the war at
a) Kings Mountain b) Charleston c) Trenton d) Yorktown
Private owned ships equipped with weapons were called
a) Deserters b) Blockade c) Privateers d) Guerrilla Warfare
This Patriot's famous words were, I have not yet begun to fight.
a) George Rogers Clark b) John Paul Jones c) George Washington d) Patrick Henry
To spy on the British, this Patriot hero disguised himself as a Dutch schoolteacher.
a) Patrick Henry b) Nathan Hale c) Thomas Paine d) Peter Salem
__________ was the French nobleman who bought a ship and sailed to America to fight the British.
a) Lemuel Hayes b) Marquis de Lafayette c) John Paul Jones d) George Rogers Clark
Loyalist strength was weakest in
a) New York b) the Carolinas and Georgia c) the Ohio River Valley d) New England
________ captured the town of Vincennes.
a) George Rogers Clark b) John Paul Jones c) George Washington d) Lemuel Hayes
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