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What is the religious capital of Islam?
a) Mecca b) Baghdad c) Yathrib d) Medina
What was the political capital of Islam?
a) Mecca b) Baghdad c) Yathrib d) Medina
Arabs shared a
a) government. b) area c) language d) political system
Submission to the will of Allah
a) Kaaba b) Islam c) Haaj d) Hijah
This capital city was built on the Tigris River
a) Bagdad b) Mecca c) Moscow d) Medina
Which is one of the five pillars of Islam?
a) moral values b) following laws c) charity d) baptism
The Quoran provides the final authority on all of the following except
a) moral values b) law c) holidays d) rules
This marked the beginning of the Islamic era and the first year of the Muslim Calendar.
a) Ramadan b) Hijrah c) Kaaba d) Hajj
What are the beliefs of the Muslim faith that don't include the Five Pillars?
a) devotion b) good deeds c) a and b are correct d) none of the above
Which dynasty is credited with currency, roads and postal routes?
a) Abbasid b) Sunni c) Shiite d) Umayyad
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