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Which list shows the words in correct order from simplest to most complex?
a) organism, species, population b) population, species, organism c) species, organism, population d) species, population, organism
A group made up of the same species is called
a) a community b) an organism c) a population d) a herd
What is the Fossil Record?
a) Many fossils of the same species. b) A timeline of life indicated by fossils found in layers of Earth's crust. c) A timeline made up of organisms that are alive today. d) A timeline of rock music.
Two ways of comparing organisms is by
a) comparing DNA and shared traits. b) comparing DNA and skeletal structures. c) comparing skeletal structure and function. d) comparing their external appearance.
Who was the scientist that developed the theory of evolution?
a) Darwin b) Mendel c) Leeuwenhoek d) Watson and Crick
Overproduction, inherited variation, struggle to survive, and successful reproduction are the four parts to ...
a) heredity b) selective breeding c) natural selection d) speciation
The formation of a new species as a result of evolution is called
a) speciation b) natural selection c) survival of the fitest d) adaptation
The process in which populations gradually change over time in called
a) selective breeding b) inherited variation c) heredity d) evolution
Characteristics that help an organism survive and reproduce in its environment are called
a) traits b) genes c) adaptations d) selective breeding
What is the theory that explains how a population changes in response to its environment?
a) natural selection b) selective breeding c) evolution d) successful reproduction
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