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This describes how light is reflected from a surface.
a) Luster b) Cleavage c) Streak d) Color
This Mineral ID test is easily observable, but not very reliable.
a) Luster b) Fracture c) Streak d) Color
According to Moh's Scale, what hardness would pencil lead be able to scratch?
a) 2 or less b) Greater than 6 c) 4.1-6 d) 2.1-4
This means to break along a smooth, definate line
a) Streak b) Luster c) Cleavage d) Fracture
If the mass of a mineral is 45 g and the volume goes up from 10 to 19 mL after putting a rock in a graduated cylinder, what is the density?
a) 2.37 g/mL b) 5 g/mL c) 26 g/mL d) 405 g/mL
All minerals on Earth have all of these characteristics in common except...
a) Formed by natural processes b) Has cleavage c) Atoms in a repeating pattern d) Inorganic
About how many minerals are there?
a) 400 b) 12 c) 600 d) 4000
About how many rocks are there?
a) 400 b) 12 c) 600 d) 4000
How many minerals make up most rocks?
a) 400 b) 12 c) 600 d) 4000
What type of atomic structure makes up minerals?
a) Foliated b) Amorphous c) Crystalline d) Nonfoliated
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