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All of the following are types of kingdoms except:
a) animalia b) plantae c) mammalia d) fungi
What is the most specific classification?
a) species b) order c) phylum d) genus
The broadest classification is ...
a) species b) family c) kingdom d) phylum
A monkey is in mammalia which is what classification?
a) kingdom b) phylum c) class d) order
What is evolution?
a) change over time b) how animals live c) a trait d) a physical characteristic
Evolution is an on going process.
a) True b) False c) d)
What is an embryo?
a) developing organism b) I have no idea c) an egg d) the study of a developing organism
What are homologous structures?
a) similar structures that show relation among ancestors b) an embryo c) a structure with no functions d) different structures
An example of a homologous structure is ______________________________.
a) arm b) liver c) tailbone d) appendix
What is a vestigal organ?
a) feature that no longer serves a function b) a structure that is not similar c) tailbone d) shows an ancestorial descent
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