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Which of the following are opaque?
a) desk b) window c) piece of paper d) ice
Which of the following are translucent?
a) desk b) window c) piece of paper d) air
Which wave kills skin cells and come from the sun?
a) gamma rays b) x-rays c) ultraviolet d) visible light
Why can electromagnet waves travel through space?
a) EM waves are sound waves b) EM waves are fast c) EM waves don't need a medium d) EM waves don't need a source
Why does laser light travel so far?
a) coherent b) incoherent c) many wavelengths d) small
Which one is in the correct order?
a) visible, ultraviolet, gamma rays, x-ray, radio, infrared b) radio, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma rays c) radio, ultraviolet, visible, infrared, x-ray, gamma rays d) gamma rays, radio, x-ray, ultraviolet, visible, infrared
What type of waves are microwaves, radar, and cell phone waves
a) ultraviolet b) infrared c) x-rays d) radio
What is the length of a wave from crest to crest called?
a) trough b) wavelength c) crest d) frequency
What is the peak or top of a wave called
a) trough b) wavelength c) crest d) frequency
What are mechanical waves caused by
a) vibrations b) wind c) microwave oven d) cell phone
What type of waves does sunscreen protect against
a) X-rays b) ulraviolet c) infrared d) radio waves
Which of the following is associated with heat?
a) X-rays b) ultraviolet c) infrared d) radio waves
Where is the retina found in the human eye?
a) in front b) on the outside c) in the middle d) in the back
What type of mirror focuses light
a) regular b) convex c) concave d) unknown
Mircrowaves are a type of
a) radio waves b) ultraviolet ray c) visible light d) X-ray
What type of lens focuses light?
a) regular b) convex c) concave d) unkown
What color is a red apple in blue light?
a) red b) green c) blue d) black
The electromagnetic waves with the longest wavelengths and lowest frequencies are
a) radio waves b) gamma rays c) X-rays d) infrared rays
What is another name for the bending of light
a) luminous b) refraction c) reflection d) illuminated
Electromagnetic waves are transverse waves that transfer
a) sound energy b) the particles of a medium c) electrical and magnetic energy d) photons
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