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What is Geothermal Energy?
a) Water b) wind c) soil d) Earth-Heat
What is Geothermal Heat used for?
a) To create fire b) To feed animals c) To heat and cool houses d) To run cars
Where in Canada is there extensive Geothermal Potential?
a) Western Canada b) Eastern Canada c) Northern Canada d) ALL of the above
What is Radioactive Decay?
a) decaying of the earth b) Orginal composition of the earth c) volcanic activity d) radiation
What emissions are produced in the geothermal cycle?
a) carbon-dioxide b) smoke c) smell d) None at all
What are the 2 primary sources?
a) earth and sun b) Primrodial heat and radioactive decay c) water and rock d) All of the above
What is Primordial Heat?
a) is the result from the earths creation 4.5billion years ago b) Is the result of todays enviornment c) is the result of the ozone layer deteriorating d) All of the above
What else can Geothermal water heat?
a) pools b) laundries c) agriculture d) All of the above
Who uses volcanic activity to create heat?
a) Canada b) USA c) Hawaii d) Africa
When does the energy intensify?
a) the closer to the sun b) the closer to the surface c) the closer to the earths core d) None of the above
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