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What does "freedom of press" mean?
a) right to speak or print truth b) right to free newspapers c) right to a printing press d) right to go anywhere
Puritan families signed a ______________________, promising to follow the rules of the church.
a) covenant b) common c) tolerate d) fundamental
Roger Williams believed that governments should ____________________ people with different religion views.
a) common b) tolerate c) fundamental d) slavery
______________ is the practice of owning people and forcing them to work.
a) fundamental b) covenant c) slavery d) common
At the center of every Puritan village, was a grassy are known as _______________
a) slavery b) common c) tolerate d) convenant
_______________ rules are basic rules the settlers used to govern themselves.
a) convenant b) tolerate c) common d) fundamental
Normally one cash crop is grown on a large farm, or _____________________
a) indigo b) plantation c) debtors d) village
A cash crop commonly grown in Carolina was ______________-
a) corn b) maize c) indigo d) plantation
When colonists made ______________, they were making laws.
a) debtors b) assembly c) legislation d) judicial
The colonial _____________ was a lawmaking body guaranteed inthe charter of most of the colonies.
a) assembly b) creditors c) debtors d) financial
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