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Getting a product to the right place at the right time is known as
a) Product b) Price c) Place d) Promotion
Various types of communication that marketers use to inform, persuade or remind customers of their products is known as
a) Personal Selling b) Publicity c) Promotion d) Advertising
A product is also referred to as
a) Services and Ideas b) Services and Goals c) Services and Strategies d) Services and Image
Price setting, terms and discounts all involve
a) Marketing elements b) Strategies c) Promotion d) Price
Things a businesses wants to attain are
a) Goals b) Tactics c) Strategies d) Plans
When businesses determine plan of actions for achieving their goals and objectives it's referred to as
a) Tactics b) Strategies c) Objectives d) Plans
The combination of the 4 elements of marketing is the
a) Marketing Concept b) Marketing Plan c) Marketing Mix d) Product Mix
Price, place, product and promotion are the
a) Marketing Strategies b) Marketing Mix c) Marketing Objective d)
The identical marketing mix is used for all the same companies.
a) False b) True c) d)
If you change the price of the product, it won't have much impact on the other elements.
a) True b) False c) d)
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