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All the different products that a company makes or sells is
a) Product mix b) Product strategies c) Product lines d) Product items
Two ingredients of the product mix are
a) Width and Breath b) Depth and Breath c) Product line and Product items d) Consistency and Width
Three dimensions of a Product Mix are
a) Width, Depth and Breath b) Width, Depth and Consistency c) Depth, Breath and Consistency d) Product lines, Product items and Consistency
All the cereal made by Kellogg is an example of their
a) Product Items b) Product Line c) Width d) Depth
A specific model of a Ford car is an example of
a) Product item b) Product line c) Product width d) Product depth
A company can position their product by
a) Quality b) Color c) Size d) Location
When an existing product in a product line competes with the sales for another product it's called
a) Cannon Ball b) Consumption c) Cannibalization d) Consuming
Marketing a product by its features and benefits is an example of
a) Selling b) Marketing c) Perception d) Positioning
The number of product items offered within each product line is
a) Width b) Depth c) Breath d) Consistency
The number of different product lines a business produces is referred to as the
a) Depth b) Width c) Consistency d) Product Mix
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