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In response to Roanoke these company's were formed to raise money to finance an expedition?
a) Joint-Stock company's b) Roanoke c) Jamestown d) National Bank
The first attempted English colony in present-day United States was?
a) Plymouth b) Jamestown c) Roanoke d) St. Augustine
The oldest European city in the present-day U.S. is
a) Jamestown b) Massachusetts Bay Colony c) Boston d) St. Augustine
what year was it when many important events occurred in Jamestown?
a) 1909 b) 1619 c) 1670 d) 1650
Separatists were also called?
a) Pilgrims b) Puritans c) Catholics d) Quakers
Tobacco was nick-named?
a) cigarettes b) brown gold c) smokes d) green peace
The ship the Pilgrims came over in was named the?
a) Jamestown b) Plymouth Rock c) Mayflower d) SS Boston
He saved Jamestown?
a) John White b) John Wolfe c) John Smith d) Prince John
Which description fits the Pilgrims the best?
a) Poor and uneducated b) Wealthy and powerful c) Educated d) stayed with the Church of England
The first representative government in the English colonies was called?
a) General Court b) Mayflower Compact c) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut d) House of Burgesses
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