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Which health care plan are exempted from HIPAA Title I requirements?
a) long term health plans, dental, vision plans b) c) d)
What does HIPAA Title II deals with
a) Deals with the standardization of healthcare related information systems. b) c) d)
What does HIPAA Title I deals with
a) Deals with protective health insurance coverage for people who change jobs. b) c) d)
What are the two sections of the Act?
a) HIPAA Title I and HIPAA Title II b) c) d)
How many sections to the Act?
a) two b) c) d)
What does HIPAA stands for?
a) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1966 b) c) d)
What does preexisting means?
a) A condition 6 month before insurance enrollment. b) c) d)
What is HIPAA Title II is known as?
a) The Administrative Simplification Provisions(AS) b) c) d)
What does PHI stands for?
a) Protected Health Infromation b) c) d)
What was the effective date of the PRivacy Rule?
a) April 14, 2003 b) c) d)
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