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Which Human body system removes waste from the body?
a) Excretory b) circulatory c) digestive d) respiratory
what is the job of the circulatory system?
a) removes waste from the body b) breaks down food into nutrients c) exchange gases d) transports materials around the body
the lungs, alveoli, bronchus are all part of which body system
a) endocrine b) respiratory c) digestive d) nervous
hormones are chemicals produced by which body system
a) digestive b) circulatory c) nervous d) endocrine
which 2 systems interact to help someone to move
a) endocrine and nervous b) muscular and skeletal c) muscular and nervous d) skeletal and nervous
which human body system produces enzymes?
a) digestive b) muscular c) nervous d) endocrine
the mouth, intestines and stomach are part of the .................
a) respiratory system b) endocrine system c) digestive system d) circulatory system
which human body system protects the body from foreign matter?
a) immune system b) nervous c) endocrine d) digestive
red blood cells
a) produce antibodies b) attaches to foreign matter c) gets rid of urea d) transports oxygen
white blood cells are part of which system?
a) respiratory b) immune c) digestive d) excretory
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