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Which of these is correct?
a) Mississippi is larger than Mexico b) Alaska borders two foreign countries c) Oregon is smaller than Montana d) Kansas is south of Oklahoma
Which of these is correct?
a) NE is directly opposite SW on the Compass Rose of a map. b) SE is directly opposite NE on the Compass Rose of a map c) NW is directly opposite SW on the Compass Rose of a map d) SW is directly opposite of SE on the Compass Rose of a Map
Which of these is correct?
a) Los Angeles is north of San Diego b) Seattle is on the East Coast c) Boston is south of New York d) St. louis is east of Detriot
Where is the Eiffel Tower located?
a) Giza, Egypt b) Paris, France c) northern China d) New York City
Where is the Taj Mahal located?
a) Russia b) Itlay c) Greece d) India
Which of the following is a spherical model of hte Earth?
a) Map b) Atlas c) Globe d) Projection
In which hemispheres is the United States located?
a) Southern and Eastern b) Northern and Western c) Northern and Eastern d) Southern and Wesern
What map projection has fairly accurate shapes in the center but increasing distortion toward the edges?
a) Winkel Triple Projections b) Robinson Projection c) Goode's Interrupted Projection d) Mercator Projection
North, South, East and West are what types of directions?
a) Absolute b) Relative c) Intermediate d) Cardinal
What percentage does the whole circle in a circle graph represent?
a) 0% b) 50% c) 100% d) Whatever percent is being used
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