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The medical term for tumor is?
a) oma b) ectomy c) brady d) cardi
Sara had a stroke, she would be diagnosed with?
a) CVA b) epilepsy c) endocarditis d) myalgia
Jonas has a C-5 fracture, he would be
a) quadraplegic b) paraplegic c) hemiplegic d) osteoplegic
the prefix for slow is
a) brady b) otomy c) hemi d) post
Lucy has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, which symptom would she likely suffer from
a) hematuria b) myalgia c) arthritis d) appendectomy
Nisa went to the doctor c/o dizziness and fatigue, her BP is 90/50, she has
a) hypotension b) hypertension c) atrial fibrillation d) tachycardia
Tara's doctor has ordered and EKG, which is
a) electrocardiogram b) electoencephalogram c) electrophoresis d) elevated kalcium gas
Jesse needs a heart transplant, his diagnosis would most likely be
a) cardiomyopathy b) hepatitis c) pancreatitis d) osteoporosis
Kelly has an elevated blood sugar, she has been diagosed with
a) diabetes b) arthritis c) multiple sclerosis d) myocardial infarction
Kit has swollen painful joints in has hands, his doctor will prescribe medications for
a) arthritis b) CVA c) hypertension d) pneumonia
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