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What layer is think and made of rock (granite and basalt)?
a) Crust b) Inner Core c) Outer Core d)
What layer is metalic (made of metal)?
a) Asthenosphere b) Core c) Mantle d) Crust
What layer floats ontop the asthenosphere?
a) Mantle b) Lithosphere c) Outer Core d) Inner Core
What types of crust is thinner?
a) Continental b) Oceanic c) d)
What type of crust is found under the oceans?
a) Oceanic Crust b) Continetnal Crust c) d)
Which layer of Earth is the most dense?
a) Crust b) Mantle c) Outer Core d) Inner Core
What happens to the temperature as you go deeper into the Earth?
a) Nothing b) It increases c) It decreases d) It goes up and down
What is the rigid outer layer made up of the crust and upper mantle?
a) Mesosphere b) Asthenosphere c) Lithosphere d) Core
What layer contains convection currents?
a) Mesosphere b) Asthenosphere c) Lithosphere d) Core
What part of the core is a liquid?
a) Outer Core b) Inner Core c) d)
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