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a baseball player whose position is in the outfield
a) ballhawk b) concentrate c) outfielder d) fault
to rely on or count on
a) depend b) vanish c) fault d) concentrate
to go suddenly out of sight; disappear
a) depend b) ballhawk c) fault d) vanish
responsibility for a mistake; blame
a) vanish b) fault c) concentrate d) depend
to pay close attention to
a) concentrate b) fault c) vanish d) depend
a baseball player who always seems to get to the ball and catch it
a) outfielder b) ballhawk c) concentrate d) depend
What word means the opposite of vanish?
a) disappear b) live c) appear d) fall
What is something that we depend on daily?
a) Our teachers to take care of us b) Our ceiling to cave in c) Our school to be flooded d) Our board to fall off the wall
What is something we do that requires concentration?
a) Our homework b) Playing sports c) Reading a story d) All of these
What is the difference between the outfield and an outfielder?
a) Outfield is a person and the outfielder is a location on the field b) Outfield is a location on the field and the outfielder is a person c) Outfield is far and the outfielder is close d) Outfield is outside and the outfielder is inside
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