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Wind is the movement of air
a) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. b) staying the same c) really annoying d) from an area of low pressure to an area of low pressure.
When air gets warmer, its density
a) increases b) decreases c) stays the same d) calls his mom
Weather is different from climate because
a) it is rapidly chaning b) weather is spelt two different ways c) the newscast does no't have climate forecasters d) the clouds look the same
A front is when
a) you are outside your house b) your clothes are on backwards c) two air masses collide d) you make a sandwich with the heel of the bread
The condensation in a warm air mass will cause...
a) a bad mood b) sunshine c) preciptiation d) an eclipse
The Artic is which type of climate region?
a) tropical rain forest b) polar ice cap c) tundra d) taiga
Water that is frozen is in which molecular state?
a) Solid b) Liquid c) Gas d) Milk based
Which of these is not a stage in the water cycle?
a) precipitation b) condensation c) evaporation d) devistation
Which of these is the longest day of the year?
a) summer solstice b) winter solstice c) fall equinox d) spring equinox
Are you happy to be moving on to a new unit that does not deal with weather?
a) Yes. b) No. c) Maybe. d) I don't know.
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