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Evolution means change over time
a) true b) false c) d)
Aristotle divided animal life and plant life into 2 separate kingdoms - Plant and Animal.
a) true b) false c) d)
Species is the most specific taxon
a) true b) false c) d)
Domain is the most specific taxon.
a) true b) false c) d)
There are 5 Kingdoms
a) true b) false c) d)
Prokaryotic cells have NO nucleus.
a) true b) false c) d)
Scientific names are usually given in classical languages. Which of the following statements can you infer as being true about classical languages?
a) they are only used in the scientific community b) they were invented by Carolus Linnaeus c) they are only used in Europe and the USA d) they were spoken in the ancient world
What is the binomial nomenclature of the orca whale?
a) killer whale b) felis catus c) orca whale d) orcinus orca
In contrast to archaebacteria, all eukaryotic organisms:
a) are multi cellular b) reproduce sexually c) have a cell nuclei d) breathe oxygen
How is the domain rank different from other ranks?
a) it was created more recently b) it has exited longer c) it contains fewer organisms d) it does not include animals
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