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Boss Of The Plains: Question Preview (ID: 4751)

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Travelers in search of unusual or exciting experiences
a) adventurers b) determined c) wranglers d) tanned  
Sticking to a purpose
a) adventurers b) determined c) tanned d) settlers  
unexplored land
a) adventurers b) gear c) frontier d) tanned  
a) opportunity b) pioneers c) settlers d) gear  
A good chance
a) tanned b) opportunity c) pioneers d) settlers  
People who are the first to settle in a region
a) wranglers b) determined c) pioners d) gear  
People who travel to a little-known area and make a home
a) adventurers b) wranglers c) settlers d) tanned  
changed animal hide to leather by soaking it in chemicals
a) adventurers b) determined c) frontier d) tanned  
a) wranglers b) tanned c) settlers d) pioneers  
What was the boss of the Plains?
a) a horse b) a cowboy c) a cowboy hat d) a village  

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