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Deductions from all employees paychecks
a) Taxes b) c) d) Deductions
The total amount of money earned before payroll withholding is
a) Net Pay b) Gross Pay c) d)
State one of the methods of being paid for working?
a) Direct Deposit b) Paycheck c) Payroll card d) All of the Above
This is a definition: The amount left after all payroll deductions have been taken from the gross pay.
a) Net Pay b) c) d) Gross Pay
Name one of the things that tax dollars pay for.
a) Schools b) c) d) Houses
What is the least secure way to pay an employee?
a) Debit card b) c) Money card d) Paychecks
What is a health care program for the elderly?
a) Medicaid b) c) Blue Cross d) Medicare
What is the pay a person actually takes home?
a) Net Pay b) c) d) Gross Pay
What are two deductions are withheld under the FICA headings?
a) Social Security and Medicare b) c) Social Security and Medicaid d) Medicare and Blue Cross
A length of time for which an employee’s wages are calculated.
a) The day you get Paid. b) c) Yearly d) Pay Period
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