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An input device that is used to enter sounds is:
a) Scanner b) Monitor c) Microphone d) Printer
The brain of the computer is kown as the:
a) Computer brain b) Case c) Keyboard d) CPU
The physical parts of the computer are classified as:
a) Hardware b) Operating systems c) Applications d) Sofwtare
All ofthe following are hardware except:
a) Keyboard b) Mouse c) Monitor d) Microsoft Paint
All of the following are found on the front side of the case except:
a) CD/DVd drive b) On/Off button c) Power supply d) Reset button
One ofthe following is a volatile memory:
a) Hard disk b) Flash memory c) CD/DVD d) RAM
Choose the memory medium that is used to read, write and easily carry personal files:
a) Hard disk b) Flash memory c) CD/DVD d) RAM
The first screen that appears when Windows is ready to be used is:
a) Desktop b) Taskbar c) Sidebar d) Icons
The small images used to be clicked are:
a) Desktop b) Taskbar c) Sidebar d) Icons
The programs used in the computer are called:
a) Hardware b) Software c) Icons d) Desktop
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