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Which genre of literature replaced the epic during the Middle English period?
a) romance b) ballad c) novel d) allegory
Which type of poetry was predominant in the Middle English period?
a) narrative b) heroic couplet c) epigram d) ode
Which 2 families fought in the Wars of the Roses?
a) Yorks and Lancasters b) Tudors and Stewarts c) Yorks and Plantagenets d) Tudors and Lancasters
Which class was Chaucer born into?
a) middle class b) lower class c) upper class d) nobility
What was the attempt to combine Aristotle's philosophy with Catholic doctrines?
a) scholasticism b) royal academy c) guilds d) feudalism
What were "Christian holy wars" to take the Holy Land from the Muslims?
a) Crusades b) Jihads c) benefit of the clergy d) Ecclesiastics
What does Renaissance mean?
a) rebirth of culture b) Medieval system of land ownership and government c) Celtic mythology d) economic disintegration
What were the Twa Corbies discussing?
a) eating a dead knight b) hanging a criminal c) drowned sailors d) giving an account to God
Richard I was known as Richard the __.
a) Lion-Hearted b) Conqueror c) Great d) Unready
What helped spread the Gospel?
a) movable type printing press b) itinerant friars c) Roman Catholic Church d) frame tale
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