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Where do most earthquakes and volcanoes occur?
a) middle of the plates b) on land c) plate boundaries d) in the ocean
Earthquakes are formed when
a) lithospheric plates move past each other creating pressure b) land plates move past each other creating pressure c) ocean plates move past each other creating pressure d) plates move around each other and do not create pressure
Earthquakes occur when lithospheric plates
a) converge b) all of the above c) tranform d) diverge
The San Andreas fault is an example of a
a) strike slip fault b) divergent fault c) normal fault d) reverse falt
The center of a earthquake is called
a) epicenter b) middle c) richter scale d) magnitude
Earthquakes occur
a) once a month b) one a week c) every second d) everyday
When rocks experience larges amounts of pressure
a) they melt b) they break or shift c) they get smaller d) they stay strong
a) is molten rock underground b) is a metamorphic rock c) is a mineral d) is molten rock above ground
magma is
a) molten rock underground b) is sedimentary rock c) is a mineral d) molten rock above ground
When rocks build pressure and it is suddenly released
a) a earthquake forms b) landslide forms c) a epicenter forms d) a volcano forms
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