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Look for errors in the sentence.
a) Brandi and me b) draw pictures c) after school. d) No Error
Look for errors in the sentence.
a) Two of the tallest b) students are c) Jack and he. d) No Error
Look for errors in the sentence.
a) If possible, Larry b) and her will sing c) for everyone. d) No Error
Anyone knows - - can earn an A in this class.
a) they b) he or she c) d)
Will everybody who has a question raise - - hand?
a) their b) his or her c) d)
All of the cheerleaders want new uniforms for - - squad.
a) their b) her c) d)
The principal told - - students to behave.
a) we b) us c) d)
John and - - fixed the car.
a) he b) him c) d)
The book was written by Malcom and - - .
a) he b) him c) d)
The children, like everyone, just want bedrooms to call - - own.
a) his or her b) their c) d)
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