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The ability of a number to be divided evenly by another number leaving a remainder of zero.
a) Prime Number b) Greatest Common Factor c) Equation d) Divisibility
A whole number, greater than 1, that has exactly two factors, 1 and itself.
a) prime number b) composite number c) Greatest Common Factor d) Least Common Multiple
A whole number that has factors other than 1 and itself.
a) Prime Number b) Composite Number c) Greatest Common Factor d) Divisibility
Writing a number as a product using only prime factors is called...
a) Divisibility b) Greatest Common Factor c) Base d) Prime Factorization
The number in a power that tells how many times the base is used as a factor.
a) Base b) Exponent c) Prime Factorization d) Divisibility
The number used as a factor when evaluating powers. Ex. 10^3
a) Least Common Multiple b) Divisibility c) Exponent d) Base
The greatest common whole number that is a common factor of two or more numbers.
a) Least Common Multiple b) Greatest Common Factor c) Divisor d) Prime Number
The least number that is a multiple of two or more numbers.
a) Greatest Common Factor b) Least Common Multiple c) Variable d) Exponent
An unknown quantity.
a) Variable b) Power of Ten c) Exponent d) Divisor
The answer to a multiplication problem.
a) Sum b) Difference c) Product d) Quotient
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