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Nearly all the energy that fuels life comes from the
a) water b) air c) sun d) soil
The pigments in plant cells that absorb the energy of light are called
a) glucose b) chlorophyll c) carbohydrates d) carbon dioxide
An organism with chloroplasts is a
a) consumer b) carnivore c) producer d) prokaryote
A product of photosynthesis is
a) oxygen b) lactic acid c) carbon dioxide d) light energy
A product of cellular respiration is
a) oxygen b) carbon dioxide c) glucose d) light energy
Cellular Respiration takes place in a eukaryotic cell's
a) nucleus b) mitochondria c) endoplasmic reticulum d) golgi complex
Photosynthesis takes place in a plant cell's
a) chromatids b) carbohydrates c) chloroplasts d) chlorophyll
Respiration means
a) made by light b) outside the cell c) inside the cell d) breathing
Photosynthesis means
a) Made by light b) outside the cell c) inside the cell d) breathing
Which of the following is NOT used to make glucose in photosynthesis
a) light energy b) carbon dioxide c) oxygen d) water
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