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The two types of Earth\'s Crust are
a) oceanic and mountain b) island and mountain c) plate tectonic and continental d) oceanic and continental
What is the cause of the Earth getting warmer as yu go deeper?
a) Radiation from the sun b) It is daytime in Japan c) Conduction from the Earth\'s core d) Convection in the atmosphere
What instrument records seismic wave movement?
a) Seismograph b) Von Smith scale c) Mercalli scale d) Richter scale
What is the scale used to determine the magnitude of an earthquake?
a) S-P Method b) Richter scale c) Mercalli scale d) Seismograph
Heat is transfered by
a) Radar, convection, fire b) convection, radiation, prediction c) conduction, convection, radiation d) metal, copper, wood
A magnitude 4 earthquke is how many more times powerful than a magnitude 3 earthquake?
a) 100 b) 10 c) 4 d) 1
Convergent boundaries are also called
a) Subduction zones b) Elastic rebound theory c) Faults d) Mountain boundaries
The scientific study of the movement of large sections of the earth’s crust
a) Continents b) None of the above c) Plate tectonics d) Earthquakes
Plates moving side by side (sliding past each other)
a) Convergent boundary b) Oceanic boundary c) Divergent boundary d) Transform boundary
Earthquakes occur underground at a point called the
a) focus b) core c) mantle d) epicenter
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