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If you feel as though your wishes probably won't come true you are
a) resentful b) wistful c) irresistible d) grateful
To feel thankful for someone or something
a) wistful b) revelers c) grim d) grateful
It appears serious and forbidding
a) irresitible b) raspy c) grim d) wistful
A noise that is rough and harsh, like sandpaper scraping wood.
a) grateful b) raspy c) revelers d) wistful
If animals have (blank), they have moved quickly and gathered in large numbers.
a) swarmed b) revelers c) wistful d) irresistible
People who are having fun at a lively party or celebrations.
a) grim b) revelers c) swarmed d) raspy
It is difficult to turn away from
a) wistful b) Irresistible c) swarmed d) raspy
The Night of San Juan is
a) a name of the full moon in Puerto Rico b) a movie c) a resteraunt d) a holiday
The theme is
a) the message of the story b) the genre of the book. c) the problem d) the resolution
Jose Manuel's grandmother did not let him play in the street because
a) she was mean b) she did not care about Jose's feelings c) she was worried Jose would get hurt d) she need Jose to help her
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