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An arrangement of parts or elements to form a whole:
a) Composition b) shape/form c) repetition d) emphasis
An aspect of things that is caused by differing qualities or light reflected or emitted by them:
a) balance b) space c) color d) variation
The use of elements that differ to create a point of emphasis
a) movement b) unity c) texture d) contrast
The use of an exact, or similar element over and over again:
a) repetition b) proportion c) value d) rhythm
The lightness or darkness of a certain area, the continuum between black and white:
a) color b) value c) line d) harmony
Surface quality / characteristics of the material of which an object is made:
a) emphasis b) repetition c) texture d) balance
The use of elements of the same type which differ slightly:
a) contrast b) unity c) proportion d) variation
The arrangement of elements to lead or direct the passage of interest through a work:
a) movement b) symmetry c) balance d) unity
An arrangement and involvement of the elements, such that they all work together to express a concept or asethetic:
a) unity b) harmony c) balance d) repetition
A path traced by a moving point or path linking a group of points, the place where two planes intersect. A continuous mark applied to a surface:
a) texture b) shade c) line d) space
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