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Name the five E instructional model and discuss how it can foster an inquiry approach to science.
a) engage, explore, explain, expand, evaluate b) entertain, explore, evolve, equate, ensure c) d)
What are science probes and why are they effective tools for teaching science?
a) Science probes are a formative assessment that helps get targeted feedback on any misconseptions. b) Tools that measure the temperature of a liquid. c) d)
Name the five math content standards.
a) Number sense and operation, geometry, measurement, algebra, statistics and probability b) communication, connection, problem solving, reasoning & proof, representation c) d)
Name one of Marzano's highly effective teaching strategies.
a) Similarities & differences, summarizing & note taking, reinforcing effort and providing recognition b) KWL c) d)
Why is it important to use manipulatives?
a) Allows students to move from the concrete to the symbolic to the abstract. b) Helps students to have time to play. c) d)
Describe the way MB teaches math vocabulary.
a) identify the word, connect it to student learning, student says it, writes it, uses it often b) Writes the word three times and uses it in a sentence c) d)
What learning characteristics do we model for our students according to MB?
a) interest, confidence, willingness to take risks, perseverence, acceptance of frustration b) thinking, talking, grouping, hearing, playing c) d)
Name the two types of assessments and give examples of each.
a) formative and summative, quiz and state test b) quiz, kidwatching, concert, sports game, play, test c) d)
What is a
a) Independent activities, investigations and games that further math understanding b) Use of a restaurant menu to create word problems c) d)
Name the five habits of mind.
a) conceptual understanding,procedural fluency,adaptive reasoning,productive disposition,strategiccompe b) engage, explore, explain, expand, evaluate c) d)
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