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A push or pull
a) friction b) force c) distance d) gravity
The period during which an action exists or continues
a) velocity b) weight c) time d) distance
A force that pulls all objects toward each other
a) acceleration b) force c) friction d) gravity
A measure of the force of gravity
a) weight b) acceleration c) distance d) friction
A force that stops touching objects from sliding past each other
a) friction b) acceleration c) gravity d) velocity
A change in the speed or direction of an object's motion
a) distance b) acceleration c) time d) velocity
The direction an object moves as well as an object's speed
a) gravity b) weight c) acceleration d) velocity
This is needed to find speed
a) distance and velocity b) velocity and time c) time and distance d) time and velocity
Your position and all the things around you are part of your
a) force b) frame of reference c) acceleration d) velocity
If you were on the moon, your weight would be
a) 3 times more than on Earth b) the same as on Earth c) more than on Earth d) less than on Earth
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