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Place on phase diagram in which all phases can coexisist
a) enthalpy point b) set point c) triple point d) fusion point
When frost forms on a windshield on a cold morning, water has gone from a ____ to a ____ state.
a) gas, liquid b) gas, solid c) liquid, solid d) solid, liquid
In the fusion of a liquid, water goes from a solid to a liquid. Energy is _____ and the process is ____.
a) absorbed, endothermic b) released, endothermic c) absorbed, exothermic d) released, endothermic
In vaporization, water changes from a liquid to a gas. Energy is _____ and the change is ____.
a) released, endothermic b) released, exothermic c) absorbed, endothermic d) absorbed, exothermic
Which is the correct conversion factor?
a) 1 calorie = 4.184 joules b) 1 joule = 4.184 calories c) 1 Calorie = 4.184 joules d) 1 joule = 1.484 calories
Which is the correct conversion factor?
a) 1 Calorie = 1kilocalorie b) 1 calorie = 1000 Calories c) 1000 kilojoule = 1 joule d) 1 kilojoule = 1 kiloCalorie
The phase change from a liquid to a gas is called ____________ and is ________.
a) fusion, endothermic b) fusion, exothermic c) vaporization, exothermic d) vaporization, endothermic
The phase change from a gas to a liquid is named ____________ and is ____________.
a) sublimation, endothermic b) condensation, exothermic c) condensation, endothermic d) sublimation, exothermic
The phase change from ____ to ____ is called deposition and is _____.
a) gas, solid, exothermic b) solid, gas, endothermic c) gas, solid, endothermic d) solid, gas, exothermic
The phase change from _____ to a ____ is called freezing and is __________.
a) liquid, solid, exothermic b) solid, liquid, exothermic c) liquid, solid, endothermic d) solid, liquid, endothermic
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