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What does the word issue mean?
a) adjust b) destroy c) give d) display
What does the word representatives mean?
a) people who manage money b) people who arrange and advertise events c) people who maintain order d) people who act or speak for others
Who are refugees?
a) people who leave a country to escape danger b) people who create new laws c) people who support the government d) people who try to settle arguments
What is an agreement?
a) a set of choices b) a list of possibilities c) a decision with shared opinions d) a plan with detailed information
Who is a diplomat?
a) person who translates languages b) person who leads a country c) person who teaches how to be kind d) person who represents on country in another country
What are superiors?
a) former managers b) people who rank higher c) office assistants d) people who often complain
What is a synonym for cable?
a) telephone b) telescope c) telegraph d) television
What does the word issue mean?
a) adjust b) display c) give d) destroy
What does the word cable mean?
a) telescope b) telegraph c) television d) telephone
Who are superiors?
a) people who rank higher b) former managers c) people who complain often d) office assistants
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