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a) Metaphor b) Simile c) Onomatopoeia d) Alliteration
The car's engine sounded like a baby trying to play the drums.
a) Metaphor b) Simile c) Alliteration d) Hyperbole
The volcano threw-up lava toward the village.
a) Idiom b) Simile c) Personification d) Metaphor
I hate it when teacher's TALK ME TO DEATH!
a) Simile b) Alliteration c) Idiom d) Hyperbole
The bird was a rocket flying towards the unexpecting worm.
a) Simile b) Onomatopoeia c) Hyperbole d) Metaphor
Cowboys can count continuously
a) Alliteration b) Simile c) Metaphor d) Onomatopoeia
The pool was so deep, that I thought I may swim down to China.
a) Alliteration b) Hyperbole c) Simile d) Idiom
The horse was so tall, you needed a crane to get on top of him.
a) Hyperbole b) Simile c) Metaphor d) Onomatopoeia
The chair screamed when the man sat on it.
a) Simile b) Personification c) Hyperbole d) Onomatopoeia
The ice cream was a life savor to my aching throat.
a) Alliteration b) Metaphor c) Simile d) Hyperbole
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