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A variable that the experimenter chooses and can be changed at the beginning of the experiment is called:
a) Dependent Variable b) Independent Variable c) Control Variable d) Next Variable
The experimental variable which is determined by the independent variable and is found to be plotted on the y axis when experimental results are graphed:
a) Dependent Variable b) Independent Variable c) Control Variable d) Next Variable
This is the property of matter that describes the resistance of an object to change its state of motion or rest:
a) Speed b) Velocity c) Inertia d) Acceleration
This is defined as the distance traveled divided by the time to go that distance:
a) Speed b) Acceleration c) Force d) Pickle
This is a push or pull exerted on an object causing a change in motion:
a) Geology b) Speed c) Inertia d) Force
This is the speed of an object in a certain direction:
a) Force b) Michigan c) Momentum d) Velocity
A change in position in relation to a reference point is called:
a) Motion b) Angle c) Pulley d) Mechanical Advantage
When all forces oppose each other on an object resulting in no motion of the object, we say the forces are:
a) Unbalanced b) Balanced c) Together d) Divided
When forces acting on an object cause motion on that object, the forces are said to be:
a) Unbalanced b) Balanced c) Together d) Divide
The force that exists between two surfaces in contact with each other and thus opposes an objects motion is called:
a) Spock b) Speed c) Velocity d) Friction
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