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Production of new individuals; necessary for the survival of the species, not the individual
a) Reproduction b) Growth c) Homeostasis d) Transport
Involves the control and coordination of the various activities of an organism
a) Transport b) Nutrition c) Synthesis d) Regulation
The processes involved in providing energy for life functions
a) Growth b) Respiration c) Reproduction d) Excretion
An increase in cell size and/or numbers and utilizes products of synthesis
a) Growth b) Transport c) Regulation d) Nutrition
The sum of all the chemical processes of the body required to sustain life
a) Nutrition b) Excretion c) Metabolism d) Homeostasis
The distribution and absorption of materials within an organism
a) Synthesis b) Transport c) Respiration d) Nutrition
Involves chemical activities by which large molecules are built from smaller ones
a) Synthesis b) Catabolism c) Transport d) Digestion
Sum of the processes by which an organism takes in and utilizes food substances
a) Nutrition b) Excretion c) Synthesis d) Regulation
Removal of cellular waste products
a) Anabolism b) Ingestion c) Excretion d) Respiration
The system of self-regulating processes that maintain the internal stability of an organism or cell
a) Transport b) Homeostasis c) Nutrition d) Reproduction
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