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How long did the Civil War last?
a) 2 years b) 4 years c) 1 year d) still going on
What year did the Civil War begin?
a) 1865 b) 1861 c) 1961 d) 2010
Where was the first battle?
a) Fort McKerny b) Fort Guerra c) Gettysburg d) Fort Sumter
Who was the Presdient of the United States?
a) Abraham Lincoln b) George Washington c) George Bush d) Thomas Jefferson
Who was the President of the Confederate States of America?
a) George Jefferson b) Jefferson Davis c) Thomas Jefferson d) Bryan Jefferson
What was the name of the deadliest battle of the Civil War?
a) Gettysburg b) Gettysburg Address c) Fort Sumter d) Battle of Yorktown
What was the name of the speech given by Lincoln during the Civil War?
a) Gettysburg b) Emancipation Proclamation c) Gettysburg Address d) Proclamation Independence
What document freed the slaves in the Confederate States?
a) Emancipation Proclamation b) Constitution c) Declaration of Independence d) Civil Rights Movement
What color were the uniforms?
a) Union-Grey Confederate-Blue b) Union- Purple Confederate- Turquoise c) Union-Red Confederate-Black d) Union-Blue Confederate-Grey
Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?
a) Jefferson Davis b) George Washingotn c) John Wilkes Booth d) Robert E. Lee
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