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The road was a ribbon wrapped through the dessert.
a) Personification b) Simile c) Metaphor d) Hyperbole
The muscles on his brawny arms are strong as iron bands.
a) Simile b) Metaphor c) Personification d) Hyperbole
She was wide-eyed and wondering while she waited for Walter to waken.
a) Alliteration b) Simile c) Metaphor d) Personification
The wind yells while blowing.
a) Metaphor b) Personification c) Onomatopoeia d) Hyperbole
The firecracker made a loud ka-boom!
a) Onomatopoeia b) Hyperbole c) Simile d) Metaphor
She said on several million occasions
a) Idiom b) Simile c) Personification d) Hyperbole
He was beating a dead horse trying to get out of detention.
a) idiom b) simile c) metaphor d) personification
She was as cute as a cupcake
a) Simile b) Metaphor c) Hyperbole d) Idiom
The boy was a snake.
a) Metaphor b) Simile c) Hyperbole d) Alliteration
I started the year with a million pencils.
a) Simile b) Metaphor c) Hyperbole d) idiom
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