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What is the expression\\
a) There are three people in your novel/book. b) There is more than 1 author in a series of books. c) Your book is told by a narrator. d) Not first-person.
What is a protaganist?
a) The evil person in the novel. b) The hero of the story/novel/ or book. c) someone who doesn\\\'t like his(or)her book. d) A protist.
What is a plot diagram and how can it help you?
a) It is main parts of a story put in diagram form. b) A way to organize your book parts. c) A diagram that shows you what you should know about your book. d) All the above.
What is the \
a) The turning point. b) The ending c) When the story starts to end and falls into a solution. d) The very beggining with background info. and the introduction.
What is the Climax?
a) The turning point of theplot diagram going towards the falling action. b) I have no idea. c) The best part of the story. d) The worst part of a plot diagram
What is the rising acting??
a) The worst part in every book that comes in the middle. b) when the story surprises you. c) when the story is about one topic or genre. d) When the story rises and starts a problem.
Answer the first one for all the next questions we are done here!!!
a) Answer me see what you got b) n c) e d) e
a) Answer me b) sbfodewgf c) hfeiwgfyewgfyuew d) ewdiwgfuew
a) dewfkewyfuewvfq b) wefbegkwugfqyewgvfre c) bdewfgyewvfew d) wegrwefuwvdk
a) asjdjeksfg b) asfgdiusgfuadsg c) dsjfblahvfhdvdvhfvewkf d) frewgfuyewqgfulelv
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