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Which statement about cells is part of the cell theory?
a) Cells are found in most living things. b) Cells with cell walls do not have cell membranes. c) All cells capture energy from sunlight. d) Cells come only from other living cells
A complex multicellular organism has different levels of organization. What is the order of these levels?
a) cell membranes, cytoplasm, nucleus b) tissues, organ, organ systems c) tissues, organs, specialized cells d) cell membrane, organelles, nucleus
What is the function of the genetic material in a cell?
a) provide transport of materials from the nucleus to the cell membrane b) breaks down materials brought into the cell c) provides information a cell needs to function and grow d) controls what comes into a cell and what goes out
The fats, oils, and waxes found in living things are know as
a) lipids b) proteins c) carbohydrates d) glucose
In fermentation, cells release energy without
a) alcohol b) water c) glucose d) oxygen
The movement of materials across a cell membrane, requiring energy, is called
a) diffusion b) osmosis c) passive transport d) active transport
If a starfish is cut in half, it can regrow its missing body through
a) binary fission b) budding c) healing d) regeneration
The stage in a cell's life when it is not in the process of dividing is called?
a) interphase b) the cell cycle c) mitosis d) cell division
Proteins are made up of a sequence of
a) chromosomes b) amino acids c) nucleotides d) base pairs
Which group includes the most species?
a) kingdoms b) family c) domain d) phylum
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