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point of view based on personal understanding
a) relative location b) rural c) catography d) perspective
art of map making
a) cartography b) urban c) human geography d) subregion
contains cities
a) perspective b) urban c) climatology d) rural
the study of people past and present
a) urban b) perspective c) diffusion d) human geography
describes where a place is, based on where another place is
a) subregion b) diffusion c) relative location d) absolute location
a region is broken down into smaller areas called
a) meteorology b) urban c) subregions d) rural
the field of forecasting and reporting weather
a) meteorology b) physical geography c) climatology d) urban
an exact spot on Earth
a) spatial perspective b) cartography c) absolute location d) relative location
contains open land usually for farming
a) climatology b) perspective c) rural d) urban
where something is and why it is there
a) urban b) human geography c) spatial perspective d) diffusion
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